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India is being gang-raped :(


I guess Lazarus is more blessed than the Indians, for he at least got morsels of food what fall from the rich man’s table. But, in the case of Indians, they are hopeless; the voracious eaters won’t show any mercy throwing even a bit.

Alright, here comes yet another shocking report: “Different types of frauds may have caused Rs 6,600 crore loss to Indian economy in the last fiscal and banks were the most common victim in…”  ha ha really interesting!!

The royal plunder moves on adding more prestigious titles to the list.

Indian coal mining controversy 2012  – 185,591.34 crore (US$35.08 billion)

Karnataka Wakf Board Land Scam 2012  – 200,000 crore (US$37.8 billion)

Uttar Pradesh NRHM scam  2012 – 10,000 crore (US$1.89 billion)

Hail democracy!!  😀

Well, well… I understand that there are still more to loot from India even after the ruthless plunder of the British. So sad that India is being gang-raped for centuries by both foreigners and its own people by all the possible ways politically, economically, socially, culturally hmm… the list goes on.

Together they – the Deteriorated politics & impotent politicians, rusted social set –ups & social scoundrels – celebrate the royal banquets wherein the down-trodden, brainless feeble moths are not invited. Instead, the gang of Lazarus’ can wade through the shits that flung unto the earth from the glass houses of those nucking futs  😦 😦


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  1. jackie376

    thank you very much for stopping by my blog:) looking forward to reading more from you as well – love your graphics!

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