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For those who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow

“Make sure that no one who fights for this country ever has to fight for a job or a roof over their head when they come home.” Obama

Honourable esteemed N scorned Indian politicians… did u hear that??    :O     😀 

Well, we’ve a majestic and praiseworthy tradition of committing grand corruption even in the coffin boxes that bought for the Kargil Martyrs.   

  It was reported that aluminum caskets that were available for US $172 in Somalia were bought for more than 20 times of this value.    Thus in 2001, we achieved yet another shameful title “Kargil Coffin Scam”    😀     😦 

Those who raped the honour of our Indian martyrs are not merely rapists. They are the nastiest brutish creatures from the rotten bottom of the hell. 

Well, u ugly creatures it’s better to kill those soldiers Shoot at sight as like stray dogs, Stone to death like whores, or make them run a nude marathon than to commit such a shameful dishonourable scam   😦    😦     😦      u nucking futs   :O  

(Dedicating this post to my friend & colleague Ramachandran who pointed out this point)



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2 responses to “For those who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow

  1. the way indian armymen are treated in general its a disgusting shame to the entire nation i believe.

  2. Britton

    Sometimes, I think it’s a high time for Hitler to be reincarnated 🙂

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