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Did Anybody See Man???

I was informed, “these are humans and you are one among them”. Very well.   🙂 

But, being in this being, I could never identify who’s this so-called human being.

Whatever they taught me and whatever I learned told in unison: “this is not him”. Then, who is he and where is he? By the way, who am I and what authority do I have to ask all these? Hmm…Clueless.      😦       😦 

 What I meet here is merely some outfits; outfits of love, hate, passion, ignorance, knowledge and a whole lot of uncountable concepts. Perhaps, these are not real whereas they are just shades of those concepts. The search to find out the absolute one goes on.

The outcry of that wise philosopher reverberates “Did anybody see man?” 


Image – Gene Salerno


About Britton

It's a chattering of an eccentric who often can't control his vagrant thoughts while he is wandering around in search of the unknown. Well, it seems like, this world is an asylum N it invites each N everyone to have a stroll through this asylum. Further, for me it's a madylum :) Humiliating mockeries all around, crushing anguish within, boring day-to-day chores.... oh! He has to wade through all these. :-( N the weary traveler should plod on. No matter what.

18 responses to “Did Anybody See Man???

  1. Stefania

    Britton, you pointed out very well this phrase we hear all: “These have Humans and you are one among Them”
    I think that everything related to the psychic man is uncertainty!
    We do not have the necessary capacity, because we know ourselves … Never have the capacity to realize, before our reaction to a certain situation, only after it has occurred!
    We do not have that ability to know other people, … We can not see what is inside them, in their minds in their soul! We can only infer their intentions!
      I really like the picture!
    I hope you have a wonderful day! Stefania fondly! 🙂

  2. Britton

    Thank u so much for your comment 🙂 It means a lot.

    What you said is exactly right. Yes, uncertainty rules over…
    Besides, Can we anywhere find an original one from this human breed? unfortunately, what we meet here is simply the mask, the shadow, the ghost and the lifeless shell 😦

    Man lost his identity 😦 😦

  3. Pat Cegan

    It seems that opposites must occur for us to learn the balance. Yes, there is total chaos now but at the same time, there are individual seeds of a loving humanity sprouting. I am optimistic and believe the 100th monkey has been passed. Good writing and thought-provoking ideas here. hugs, pat

    • Britton

      I love the 1st sentence that u wrote. It’s absolutely right. Opposites must occur and from which the equilibrium should be attained. Optimism is perfect without which we are just lifeless shells. But, mortals r always unable to strictly pursue the immortal or absolute concepts, instead most of the time he merely falls down as mortals 😦

      thank u so much 🙂

  4. Pat Cegan

    Fall down again and again like a toddler learning to walk. But ah, the resiliance of mankind for we get up, brush off our diaper and try again. ;_- ) hugs, pat

    • “Brush off our diaper” feels sweet and tender and key. : )
      The gods what to be human, but it’s hard, like winning a medal. Keep at at it Magnificent star seed.
      Human frailty may be even more magnificent than the frailty of attachment to the inn…or something maybe….
      Or why would you have come?

      • Britton

        Appreciate your comment.

        Thinking it’s hard to win a medal, no one keeps himself at bay. He keeps on striving for it. At least, the seed has the potentiality to be a tree; if it’s forcing itself to not to be what’s the exact purpose of a seed being in this being?

        How can we just classify N compare Frailty in segments when it’s all under one section; simply frailty, human frailty. Be it frailty of attachment or detachment. Choosing a better frailty or worst frailty is like choosing lightweight N heavyweight sin 😉

      • Britton

        The seed is here in this land body
        It’s a mystery
        The sudden vulnerability of attachment
        The sweat and pain of training
        To fall for what small frailty your drawn to when you are drawn to it, like the man at the inn…

        You wanna know what this is for me?
        Like this:
        When I was a young sprout I wanted out-the hell out!
        I actually phoned home and demanded to be gotten the hell out of here. Everything sucked so bad.
        My gift is asking. I always get what I ask for. So I got a yes. Then I was given a memory of me having chosen to come here and how freaken bad I wanted to get a shot at this frailty, at this story. I was about seven. It blew my mind. Wild horses and flying saucers couldn’t drag me out after that. It’s gonna keep on sucking…bad. I knew this, it was very clear like everything else in that little experience.
        Bring it on!
        That’s what I felt like. Bring it on!
        Yeah, it has sucked more than I could have imagined then. Sometimes I’ve been crushed. somewhere buried deep, I know I wanted to be here in this crap no matter what, for something so sweet…I bet on myself.
        Before this strange experiance, I had given all my stuff away…
        I honor your path and your experience.
        You write of frustrations I can’t articulate, and it’s all star magic, perhaps from star tears.
        Still not sure why I wanted this crap so bad before I chose it…..yet I’m certain I chose this.
        Keep the stories coming. You might help me figure this out.
        Still wondering…


      • Britton

        “Bring it on, something sweet, wanted this crap so badly”….all your words reflect hope, N longing for hope. I also realise that words N all these writings are just a medium to vent out the pent up emotions, life is still left to live with all its ups N downs. Have to plod on N plod on. No matter what. N not a single shadow will be with us to second us to a seventh heaven. We ourselves have to climb up I believe.

        Thanks for your passionate N lively words 🙂

      • You are awesome, Britton

        Loving your attitude
        Yes, we ourselves have to climb.
        Wouldn’t it be like buying a fully developed online gaming character to just play with, if we don’t develop it ourselves? Just a though from my video game world. : )
        The adventure…

        Was just thinking I got carried away…with my very unique and personal perspective that is only mine. : ( sorry…
        I’ll keep my strong opinions to myself. : )

      • Britton

        Love your gaming thought, it’s intact 🙂 And, strong opinion is always necessary, or else we’ll be dumped as invertebrate politicians who always seconding the other without any stance of their own 🙂

        Hope u might have seen Pat’s comment below… for u only 🙂 I believe 🙂

      • Hi again Britt

        Your stories are powerful.

        From our conversation something happened to me.
        That “life will always be not worth it belief in my body so long suppressed by my spirit came forth to be dealt with. It sucked.

        A core belief that no matter what I do, it will always never get better. Real engagement and effort is not worth it.
        Now I understand more, so much more your similar feelings.
        Just because my body genuinely feels this way, doesn’t mean it’s true. But I still have to feel through it. So, depressing! Pissed me off! Rage is the way through the emptiness to loving life and all that. Not rage against people. Rage against the bs I believe that is not true but I have lived as though it were.
        Anyway had a meltdown. The bs seems to have melted. If its not all the way consumed, at least I know what it smells like now.

        Thanks : )
        Thanks to your stories and insight, now I finally understand what has kept me from really living.
        You Are Appreciated!


      • Britton

        Muchas gracias 🙂

        In the long run, it happens, the believes that we upheld will go through a lot of deconstruction N reconstruction to mould it into a final shape i believe. And, besides, it’s not our conversation or my words that made u think, but your own mindset made u to do so. By the way, nothing can be stagnant forever i believe. Be it our anguish or joy.

        “if the winter comes can spring be far behind” 😉 🙂

      • Britton

        You are so fun to talk to! I disagree that our conversation wasn’t the catalyst for the changing. And yes nothing can remain stagnant forever seems right on. How boring would that be!
        Cycling seasons natural beauty. : D


  5. Britton


    Thanks 4 the inspiring words 🙂

  6. Pat Cegan

    Dear WayWS, me miss The Greatest Show of Earth? I am with you, for all the bumps, bruises and bother, I would not trade anything for my ticket on this trip. That being said, sure hope I get it “right” cause the idea of reincarnation and having to do “it” again and again makes my diaper soggy. Keep laughing…it confuses your enemies. 🙂 hugs, pat

    • Pat
      “makes my diaper soggy.” rofl
      “Keep laughing…it confuses your enemies.”
      So, thee you go, confusing my enemies…. : )

      Gotta keep Le Clown On Fire confused at all times and all corners of the WP-Verse…

      ..Was just over at your place…delighting myself with the brilliant close ups…love that angle and perspective….simple center.
      Had to follow
      Was fixing on commenting when I heard about this and flew right over to see what the fuss was…
      Right place at right time. : )


      P.S. Down with Le Clown! ; )

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