Kingdom of boredom

Did my best to get bored with boredom, but that didn’t take place.  Slept, because I bored with ‘being awake’. Woke up since I bored with sleeping.   Thus, my days pass by. 

What am I really doing? Recycling myImage boredom

It’s all started in time; hope soon it’ll get expired in time itself. I was given a life that’s well wrapped in a gift box, yet I am not sure whether it’s a gift or a curse. What I am so sure is it’s a life in a box and boxes alone that it shares. Time is a well renowned manufacturer of all these brand new boxes.

 Everything is box here and everyone moves in boxes. Family, society, work, friends, religion, culture…everything’s just nothing but eloquent boxes wherein life becomes either an exchange of boxes or wise moves from one box to the other. All these boxes make life excruciatingly boring and the desperate existence exists without an exit. But, yea, it’ll end. A journey from one box to the other; started from a box and will be buried in yet another box. Yea, it’ll end, should end. 

Where am I really? I am in the kingdom of boredom.



Participating some regional festivals, parish feasts and some other celebrations. I just got confused that are these all really homes or homes-turned-bars? Clueless .

“What? Come again.”

“Oh, you said, ‘family bar’ mm hmm? Interesting! It makes more sense  😦  😦 😦

When I met a lonely star up in the sky

Both are stars;
One is up in the sky,
And the other down on the earth.

The one from the above saw the crowded earth
That’s with multitudes on it.
And the other saw the starry night
That’s with starry sky in it.


                   (Google Image – Painting by Vincent Van Gogh)

But, the star from the earth didn’t see
The immense distance between each star.
Neither did the star from the above notice
The wide chasm between each person.

In its place, one sees the starry night,
And the other sees the crowded earth.
In fact, both forsake a reality.
A reality which tells:

“In essence, you both look the same.
For, how lonely are you both.”
Though you own the modifiers:
Starry” and “crowded”.