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Kingdom of boredom

Did my best to get bored with boredom, but that didn’t take place.  Slept, because I bored with ‘being awake’. Woke up since I bored with sleeping.   Thus, my days pass by. 

What am I really doing? Recycling myImage boredom

It’s all started in time; hope soon it’ll get expired in time itself. I was given a life that’s well wrapped in a gift box, yet I am not sure whether it’s a gift or a curse. What I am so sure is it’s a life in a box and boxes alone that it shares. Time is a well renowned manufacturer of all these brand new boxes.

 Everything is box here and everyone moves in boxes. Family, society, work, friends, religion, culture…everything’s just nothing but eloquent boxes wherein life becomes either an exchange of boxes or wise moves from one box to the other. All these boxes make life excruciatingly boring and the desperate existence exists without an exit. But, yea, it’ll end. A journey from one box to the other; started from a box and will be buried in yet another box. Yea, it’ll end, should end. 

Where am I really? I am in the kingdom of boredom.


About Britton

It's a chattering of an eccentric who often can't control his vagrant thoughts while he is wandering around in search of the unknown. Well, it seems like, this world is an asylum N it invites each N everyone to have a stroll through this asylum. Further, for me it's a madylum :) Humiliating mockeries all around, crushing anguish within, boring day-to-day chores.... oh! He has to wade through all these. :-( N the weary traveler should plod on. No matter what.

14 responses to “Kingdom of boredom

  1. Looks like you’re due for an adventure:-)

  2. I never get bored! 🙂 I live with the crazy illusion that I can change the world. I live outside of safety, always pushing myself to newer and greater limits. I blow off everyone’s rules:-)

    I also grew up without parents and have had to fight very hard to survive. Spent many, many years sad until one day (or a succession of many days) I woke up. I began transforming, and walked away from many, many safe places. I had be be ok with a certain reality that hit me too–that everyone would think I was crazy and my family worried sick about me. Then they got used to the fact that they can’t control me, and after a while, they realized I am happier and now they’re ok and happy too.

    Living by other people’s rules is sooo boring!!! There is no escape, either. get out while you can! ha ha

    • Britton

      The main difference between us, I hope, I became easy-going, irresponsible N a prodigal one (well, i don’t care all these stuff, though) being in my comfort zone throughout my life. On contrast, U’ve really fought well being in the reality of life.

      U r so right that “Living by other people’s rules is sooo boring!!!” Exactly. But, apart from that perspective, just think…in a way in life everything’s boring indeed hmm? I am baffled….a feel of missing a lot of unknown things. A sort of …

      • giving love to people is never boring. give secret, unconditional love to everyone you know. feel yourself expanded…this kind of love expands the person who gives it. ask for nothing in return. go as “under-cover” as possible. I am certain you will not be bored;-) Plus your personal ratings–no matter how high they are– will go up and up…

        It’s this crazy connection to humanity through their hearts that you feel most alive. This is what I have discovered, and the #1 reason I never get bored anymore.

        I hardly tell anyone I do this:-) Most of them think I just walk around being cool, ha ha.

      • Britton

        “Love” I dunno much abt it. have observed it, experienced shades of it maybe. Well, parents tell they love me, sister says the same N friends repeat the very same. But…I … I kind a miss of … whoa whoa easy… well, leave it 🙂

        Anyhow, u r right….unconditional …..Yes, I also want to make it real, at least have to give a try 🙂 Maybe, it changes everything. Well, not maybe, it’ll change, must …

        Thanks a ton 🙂

  3. The Girl ⋅

    Oh dear Britton… it has been a little while and i return to find you in the kingdom of boredom 🙂 i’ve come to share with you the electricity that is everywhere… it is in your fingertips… it is in all of your senses. You don’t have to go far for magic dear Britton… you are magic… and all things around you are alive with the same electricity… from the warmth of the sun on your face to the diamonds in the sky reflected in your eyes to the ebb and flow of life’s music every day…
    Life and love and laughter and sadness… we are always on an adventure… and you are magic 🙂

    • Britton

      Thank u sooo much for ur care dear friend. 🙂 ❤

      It sounds so inspiring. But, many times, it's so tough to reach into that exp. 😦 Yes, "the ebb N flow of life" …. it conveys everything I guess. 🙂

  4. I have a better answer for you now. What kind of adventure would be a never-get-bored-thing?
    The Rabbit Hole. 🙂

    When you’re ready, you’ll jump in and never regret the ride.

    Best wishes for an un-bored life!

  5. – hey are you “awake ” yet ? ❤ :*) Missed you much! Love

  6. if life is full of boredom then its not living.. work towards something though its temporary. move from one goal to another.. 🙂

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