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Incredible India

Shitting is liberation“. It must be the answer from a constipated person if u ask him about the definition of liberation.

Well, “Increase taxes (all, possible, kinds of)”. It must be the only answer from the Government of India if u ask them about the definition of “GROWTH“. Incredible India!!!

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It's a chattering of an eccentric who often can't control his vagrant thoughts while he is wandering around in search of the unknown. Well, it seems like, this world is an asylum N it invites each N everyone to have a stroll through this asylum. Further, for me it's a madylum :) Humiliating mockeries all around, crushing anguish within, boring day-to-day chores.... oh! He has to wade through all these. :-( N the weary traveler should plod on. No matter what.

4 responses to “Incredible India

  1. 😦 … well ? Politics ! 😦
    This is what I received in my e-mail dear Bri 😦


    We ran into a problem with your recent comment reply by email. Specifically, we weren’t able to find your comment in the email.

    We’ll do our best to get this fixed up. In the meantime, you may want to comment directly on the post:

  2. indeed … another raining 😦

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