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1. FB (for many at least) is nothing but a fisherman’s hope that the very next moment i’ll get a big fish.

2. It is the breast that gifted by a genorous mind to breastfeed man’s fantacies.

Dedicated to the young who asked me a definition for the FB. Well, I didn’t get something different on that time.


About Britton

It's a chattering of an eccentric who often can't control his vagrant thoughts while he is wandering around in search of the unknown. Well, it seems like, this world is an asylum N it invites each N everyone to have a stroll through this asylum. Further, for me it's a madylum :) Humiliating mockeries all around, crushing anguish within, boring day-to-day chores.... oh! He has to wade through all these. :-( N the weary traveler should plod on. No matter what.

11 responses to “FB

  1. We are hungry. Our several bodies don’t like each others food.

    • Britton

      I think (maybe wrong) hunger is not an issue here, greed might be.

      • For wanting what we are hungry for or think we are.
        Some don’t know that when you have a hole in a body that can’t be filled to give it away.
        To give.
        Taking doesn’t really help.
        Giving it away does.
        “Greedy” don’t know this.
        We can learn. : )
        You inspire me Britton.

      • Britton

        Yea, that’s true. But, who can or who really lives accordingly?? I could see only Barter system here all around. 😀 Give N take. If u give me something well i’ll think abt to give u something back 😦 Don’t u think so?

        Inspiring u? Hw come? I always get inspired by the others, not the other way around.

      • Inspiration is a free gift.
        You have been giving it to me since I found your stories last fall.
        It nourishes my emotional body and my mental body maybe more, to inspire. Inspiration is currency or something free.

      • Britton

        I’m honoured 🙂 Thank u so much for ur kind words Waywardspirit. 🙂

        When our creatives (advertisements) get released, when someone likes it without knowing who did it, somehow he/she finds the creator and the mob no to phone and to say “the work is good, I like it” I love that appreciation than my colleagues who would say: “Good concept dude. It’s cool.”

  2. ? Why would anyone be so cynical to a child on a question as tis ? Why should I ever wear a mask as this ? ?
    Real life exists beyond cyber space as long as one keeps being real to their own self … ?
    Why should I cheat on my own self ? ? Why should I ???? 😦

  3. * or to anything else ? Today I watched people plowing the ground … tilting the earth as if and so the most sacred ritual in their life… and yes and in it and in order to … so is cyber space any less??? … Should I be need of a mask and just in order … 😦

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