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Whom do you want to love?

Whom do you want to love?” Me, the eccentric waif asked a lovely flower.

“If there’s a beetle who returns to me even after knowing, there won’t be even an ounce of nectar left in that flower after it’s being brutally exploited by him.” 


In the journey forward, I met a beetle and repeated the same question: Whom do you want to love?”

“If there’s a flower who still longs for me even after it was viciously exploited by me.”


About Britton

It's a chattering of an eccentric who often can't control his vagrant thoughts while he is wandering around in search of the unknown. Well, it seems like, this world is an asylum N it invites each N everyone to have a stroll through this asylum. Further, for me it's a madylum :) Humiliating mockeries all around, crushing anguish within, boring day-to-day chores.... oh! He has to wade through all these. :-( N the weary traveler should plod on. No matter what.

13 responses to “Whom do you want to love?

  1. soumyav

    wow! great one ! loved the thought so eternal and beautiful!

  2. 😦 … By the way why choose this picture of a predator beetle on the flower and not a contributor Bri ? Pretty soon there would be no flower left to return to … 😦
    Love the writing though … 🙂 *hug*

  3. wow! the flower suffers from Stockholm syndrome and the beetle is ….

  4. sounds like you’ve been listening to Lady Gaga in bad romance?

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