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Happy Wishes of this day Dear little princess.

Once upon a time, there was
 There’s no beginning.

…for that queen, the kingdom and its subjects everything is this angelic little princess.
She didn’t listen to any Victory March, but tinkles and clanks of that princess’s mellifluous voice.
She didn’t know day and night, but she saw her little princess resting and rising up. 
She didn’t see the sunshine, but she saw that princess’s radiant smiling face.
She never waited for a spring, but she forever longed for her princess’s ever-renewing loving kisses.
No prayers and no blessings contented her hearts, but her heart gracefully danced whenever her little princess told, “I love you.”

They have a fabulous nest not in the branches of this world but in an enchanting land of fairies where they grew inseparably one…

and lived happily ever after.
There’s no ending. 


Happy Birthday Vanessa. 




About Britton

It's a chattering of an eccentric who often can't control his vagrant thoughts while he is wandering around in search of the unknown. Well, it seems like, this world is an asylum N it invites each N everyone to have a stroll through this asylum. Further, for me it's a madylum :) Humiliating mockeries all around, crushing anguish within, boring day-to-day chores.... oh! He has to wade through all these. :-( N the weary traveler should plod on. No matter what.

2 responses to “Happy Wishes of this day Dear little princess.

  1. ***** This is so beautiful! My eyes filled with tears …
    You got a magic pen Bri and an even more magical heart <3:*

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