Holy sin of my heart

He might passionately have longed for falling, but He couldn’t. He is too godly to be manly. The very urge of His to fall is life-breathed by the creation of man. The very urge to fall thus became the very heart of that creation. Then He blessed this heart with love to make sure the fall to be more intense.


My heart becomes a fallen angel and my body a pandemonium.  Ah! Love – the Holy Sin of my heart.


                     Photo credits to Despina



You are…

The wild fire that catches up in my heart consuming the whole me. Now I’m not, you are.


Joy Of Oneness

Image(Taken from Google Images)

And thus God advised them:

Heart, chant always the just. Share always the lovely”

 “Body, listen to your heart and act accordingly.”
“For, you are not two, you are one; you are not man and woman, but you are body and heart. Live in the joy of oneness. “

Into An Inn; An Unknown Inn

His detachment to life started from the very act of detaching the umbilical cord from his body. In fact, it’s a realization that detachment was his attachment.

He called himself an eccentric waif.

Image Blood relations couldn’t relate anything to his heart, pompous relations and its so called unconditional-ity didn’t share him a soul with, society N its codes failed to decode his mind and religion & its fool’s paradise could never stop him.  

 With an unsettled mind he journeyed like a nomad. It seems he was part of a never ending agitation against life. A gentle wind, an enthralling scene, an enchanting season…nothing touched him, for indifferent was his heart and restless was his mind.  

Meanwhile, in a night, he was unexpectedly struck by a dark fantasy which forced him to stop by an unknown roadside inn. I would say, divinely was that moment when for the first time he felt cozy and welcoming with a stellar care by an unknown inn.  For, it hosted him with an indifferent heart.

Journeying further, an abrupt revelation shattered his mind, “why not even a single traveler feels attached to an inn in between their long journey?” whereas he felt it for the very first time. Everyone approached it showing a loving heart and went out showing an indifferent heart. But, it kept an unflinching “indifferent heart” without any complaint ever.

 For the first time, he felt melancholy and therefore walked back…  Headed to…