It is you…

-To my dearest-est Friend on her Birthday-

I know

An oeuvre of a divine author
And an artisan of ingenious opuses

I know

 A resolute sky, unwilling to pour down…
And a reviving spring, reluctant to fall back…


I listen to

A melodious solo of a moonlit night…
And a zephyr of captivating nature.

Yet, it’s not this, it’s not that…
It’s just beyond the scope of attributes.
Isn’t it that you??
Yea, it is you.
For, each creation is creator itself
And He the Creator is simply beyond the scope of attributes.


                                        (Thanks to Loyed for the click)

Hey Despina, Reign your life and bring forth prosperity to its populace. .. May life return you always (it’s not always possible, though 😛 ) happiness.

Be liberal in sharing your love, let it surpass eons. 😉 and thus your life as well.

Blessings of the day!!