Thanks to a nightingale

– To Dearest Despina

 It was just an ambitious bird once. Then, gradually, it was transformed into a migratory bird; perhaps the anarchy within moulded it thus.

By the way, difficult was it to identify that: was it the wind that accompanied the bird or the bird that accompanied the wind? Anyhow, there sustained a magical catalyst between the two.

Wherever the bird landed, it felt those places as if it was just a bedlam. So it constantly went on flying without settling down anywhere. At the same time, the bird was baffled up with certain thoughts: ‘my running away was my own impotency to cop up with the current milieu? My chattering was nothing but a hollow philosophy to justify my own comfort zone?’

The other birds blamed it and uttered judgments on that migratory bird: “it’s just a reckless piece of …..  you know. Aloof…. More specifically, irresponsible it is.”

But, the bird didn’t listen to it. It just went on flying. It was gloomy, though.


Meanwhile, the journey progressed through the known and the unknown skies. Still, the horizon was never met since it stood so close only in those blank words, “You can GO BEYOND HORIZONS”

Time went by…. One day, the migratory bird bumped into a nightingale in its journey. Exceptionally distinct it was, from the rest. In truth, the nightingale had something to tell to that migratory bird; as like a mystic bird it started to sing all of a sudden:

“I know you… I know your chaos too.
Just like an unknown symphony it all pulls you here
And it pulls you there till time will fulfill its own wonder.
But, you need to be your very own…
Nothing else could ever be what you should become.

Flap your wings till you feel you are floating
Sing your songs till you realise you yourself turned into a song.

Fly happy and stay beautiful.”

When the alluring orange rays kiss its face, the migratory bird was completely unaware of whether it was a sunrise or it was a sunset … But, it was aware of just one thing; the undeniable fact that it was happy and calm then.

(Borrowed some thought from Despina and it’s the same that inspired me to write this.)