Don’t Believe in New Year. But, …

Had to Design a New Year Card and thus this happened …


AD: Shaji Pullaloor
CD: Britton Vazhappilly

“It’s a ‘Do It Yourself’ item. Use it Wisely.”


On this Christmas, I wish you “A Happy Easter”


Innumerable varieties of cakes, delightfully intoxicating wine, colossal size Xmas trees, voguish & vivid serial bulbs & stars, and carols of cheers are all over; yes, everywhere everyone celebrates the festivity of Xmas.

Happy Christmas!

 Oh! But, there’s a problem with this phrase?  Yes, it has. The first part “happy” is well executed and successfully accomplished by everyone. But, when will the 2nd part “Christmas” take place? Please don’t say it’s on December 25th


                                          (Image: Google Image (Otto Dix)

The fragrance of newly bloomed flowers is being snatched away, petals of lovely flowers get trampled on and the value of those small plants has been uprooted.

Goodness of those innocent lives, honour of those delicate women, helplessness of those poor souls are being constantly killed, raped and exploited…                             

This is not a paradise of living souls, but a pandemonium of fallen souls. Rotten souls are all over beneath the elegantly adorned sepulchers. What we really need is a resurrection since, perhaps, a rebirth might be a never attainable dream. Rise, rise, rise…rise up from all these deterioration ….

 Wishing all my dear friends and fellow bloggers a Happy Easter on this Christmas.



Thought to share this video on this particular day since it’s produced based on the theme Doomsday Prophecy.

Directed by my friend Loyed for Technicolor short film competition. He is also an employee of this same company. Let me know your feedback 🙂

Devilhi Rapists

Not using any modifiers like: “incarnate goblins”, “the evil beasts”, “repulsive vermin” etc. But, just one fucking thing to tell these men turned animals:

Image(Image: Rubens-Rape [Google])

Dear/Dishonourable inhuman humans,

Do understand that vagina is not public waste bin to dump all your filthy & nasty shits in it. And, penis is not a fucking driller to drill wherever you find a free space you a**holes.

Hold back your bloody ax to dig your own fvkcing graveyards.

P.S., “Brutally gang-raped by four persons in a moving bus in south Delhi on Sunday night, a 23-year-old woman is now battling for life at the Safdarjung Hospital here.”

On 12-12-2012 @ 12:12:12 PM

Wow!! Finally the miracle day has come. Today, the blind will start to see, the deaf will hear, the dumb will speak, the paralized will walk, and more astonishingly the dead will resurrect.


                                                                                                (Image Credit: Sabareesh Ravi)

For a creative turn, we @ our ad agency chose this time to pray. Sincerely N seriously u know. 🙂

“Oh lord – the leader of 12 disciples – we the 12 employees gathered here to pray while the morons selected it to celebrate outside by cutting cakes, and by surprising the others with flash mob. Whereas, we humbly pray to You submitting our 12 needs; kindly hear our voice granting us the 12 blessings. We thank you for all the graces that showered on us for the past 12 days in this month. Dear God, make your grace always 12 fold.”

F^^k off!! Stop playing games with peoples mind….It’s just an eye popping quirk of calendar. :O

The labour rooms r filled with pregnant women. To deliver half developed fetus  😦

The churches N temples r filled with pairs. To institutionalise a half realised love.  😦

But, didn’t see any rush in cemetery. No one really interested to die on this miraculous day?? Shame shame……  😀

Wish If I Could :(

Always enjoyed watching the opposite reflection of whatever I am doing standing right in front of a mirror 


Wish If I could hold a mirror against the anguish and chaos of my lonely hours.

 Let it turn to be a jubilant orchestra of two loving souls. 

 Wish if it’s applicable to all my blues and pangs …….

  Funny is the wish though 😦 

Holy is this love

In the ambiance of an empty church the Holy Water Font stood indifferently akin to a tedious life outside.  Shouldering heaviness of a Sacred Sunday not a single hypocrite didn’t approach Holy Water yet and so it slipped into a slumbering deliberately forgetting its real being.  It was so tired of waiting a true one.  Further, the very wish itself made it weak and an infinite longing as well.


                                                                                                          (Image credit: Google Images)

 While dismal loneliness and shallow moments linger on, a thirsty crow abruptly approached the Holy Water Font.

 Without any hesitation, it trespassed on its holiness, passionately it plunged its lips into Holy Water.  Holy Water was suddenly awaken not to express its wonder or overjoy, but for a total submission, submitting itSELF. For, a divine catalyst has been happened.

 Distinct from the melodramas and egoistic double dealers outside; it shared its holiness to quench that crow’s thirst without hiding its holiness. Holy is this love by submitting itSELF.

The amalgamation was immaculate and holy.  

 The holy crow flew away and the water font left empty being taken away its holiness…