It’s so true, love’s always a matter of life and death! When love shares a reality life is like really living with a meaning, When it doesn’t life’s like leaving without a meaning. It’s just a matter of time; when one’s mind gets lost for a while and all the clamouring morbid thoughts will rise […]


To my everything. L-ve. The Word cried its heart out in anguish: “I really miss something. And I so much feel the emptiness. Oh no! I can’t hold it any longer.” The Meaning bellowed in agony: “I am fed up with stuffing your paunch always with meaning.” The Mind advised: “Oh! come on guys. Balance […]

Every blossom…

To my Love… “Why you conceal your heart in a prayer?” I asked a stubborn rosebud. “To protect it from trampling in love.” She replied. “Then where’s the beauty of becoming And the passion of being?” In an answerless stillness, The breeze stroked her cheeks. And to fill the moment she asked: “What! Why you […]

Hi Des

It would be absurd if I ask, would the moon ever be sad over a setting sun and the night over an ending day… But I do see the moon is gloomy and the night is weeping…    P.S. Des, pls get back to me at anthonisbri@gmail.com all the rest is blocked…