I am you


                                                              (Google Image)

Fallen in love with a shadow.
In the darkest of the darkest moment it shouted:
“Open your eyes. I am not real”
“Oh! Then what’s real?”
“You are love and you love
“Being unreal, how can you identify the real then?”
“It’s all about realisation than reality and unreality
“Who are you?”

I am you



Personality became IDs.

Emotion turns to be status updates,

Wherein sympathy is “to like”, empathy is “to share”,

And apathy is scrolling down or up without looking into it.


                       (Drawn by our Art Director Shaji)

“Chatting” glorified as loving

And “Calling” as its expression.

Virtual reality becomes life.

ITFOK 2013

Thus, receiving a wide acclamation, the 5th International Theatre Festival (ITFOK 2013) has come to an end. Though I’ve attended the film festivals, theatre festival is the first experience for me, a whole new experience indeed. The first lesson I learned there is, it demands a complete attention from the viewer; a disturbed mind or a single diversion from the moment will make you tough to grasp it. Further, I simply bow down before those actors; for, they really present the viewers with a hell load of performance when comparing to those so called film stars.

Well, have met actors, developing actors, and want to be actors; have also met artists, art lovers, and pretend to be artists. Well, not sure of this categorisations but, somehow, it ends up thus.

I was very cautious while introducing me whenever I showed up before those actors to exchange a token of appreciation. For, once I introduced me as “I am Britton”;  “what, Britain? Oh! Our neighboring country.” So, later on, I just rephrased my intro like: “I am Britton from India, but not your neighboring country.”


The Plays that I watched:

  1. Fillini’s Dream (Italy) – Awesome stuff. Really stunned the audience with its special visual effects.
  1. Akatharo (India) – Not up to the mark. But, awesome stage setting.
  1. Two of Us (Romania) – Extremely a sophisticated way of communicating without a single dialogue in it.
  1. Oru ozhivudinakali (India) – Great story with a fantabulous concept in it.
  1. S*x M*reality and sens*Rship (India) – A perfect satire against the censor board and it’s ill treatment gainst an art. The most interactive play in the festival.
  1. Carmen (Georgia) – A dance drama which really thrilled the audience with their stunning performance. Great choreography.
  1. This is my body. Come to my mind. (Romania) – Very much attracted me because it’s a pure piece of philosophy than a portrait of woman’s evolution N struggle through the so-called social set ups.
  1. The knocking within (US) – An okay type. But, I do appreciate those performers great effort. However, somehow, it couldn’t attract the audience that much.
  1. Macbeth who was the bloody man (Poland) – Played twice as per the audience’s demand. Innovative N strenuous. But, I couldn’t see something that big as the media hypes.
  1. Mathilerikani (India) – Exuberant N vibrant.

The other plays that I really wanted to watch, but missed:

Hamlet Machine (Poland)

Petit Cheval Blanc (UK)

Indian Tempest (Indian & European Theatre collaboration)

Lynch Concert (Denmark)

Not just a word


It’s all about a word, about a never ending chase after a most polluted and much taunted word.

In the long run, I was not so concerned about the etymology of this word, instead was more determined with the phonetics and pronunciation of it.  For, this word is magnificently embellished with the opulence of wide range meaning and attributes, though the meaning is slightly different from dictionary to dictionary. However, I am content with the meaning of my own. I didn’t go comparing mine with the other dictionaries. Why should I? 


(Google Image: Painting Love Message)

But, the difficult part is its pronunciation which everyone uttered with an accurate inaccuracy. They constantly gang-rape the honour of that word by their incorrect accent and unnecessary usage.

How can I be so sure that it’s incorrect pronunciation? So simple. An assortment of dissimilarities in all their accents. But, if there’s an accurate one among them how can I identify it? Oh! For that, I searched an ultimate audio guide which would serve the authoritative answer. But, failed to discover and identify one.

Meanwhile, I could beautifully describe about this word with my unceasing effort on it. Whereas, never tried to limit it with a miraculous articulation of unwanted attributes.

I am a stubborn perfectionist that I should pronounce it correctly and elegantly.  For, I should not rape the novelty of that unique word.  

For me, it’s not just a word, but just word. It’s nothing but /L-O-V-E/ 

He ever gets an answer?

Immortal is truth.

Mortal is man.

Therefore, I wonder what’s the role of mortal man in immortal truth?

He didn’t yet realise what’s true and what’s not; nor did he realise what’s real and what’s not.

Finite is his world and conditioned is his mind while he’s longing for all the absolutes. Ignorance and illusion are his guide & companion in the long road that leads him to the destination called ‘truth’. Disappointment is the track on which the train of desperate existence runs towards the station named ‘hope’. Oh no! How paradoxical it is!!

Wait a minute.


                     (Google Image: Painting by Hendrick Bloemaert)

Why we really want all these heavy load of redundant vocabulary chattering? Do all these contradictories and absurdities in fact exist apart from our minds?

Once, one has preached: “you are a part of the immortal truth; a result of an immortal truth.”


Immortal is truth

Mortal is man

Therefore, I wonder what’s the role of mortal man in immortal truth?

He ever gets an answer?? 

(Specially Dedicated to my dearestest friend Despina who ignited my mind to write this thought)



                                                                 (Google Image)
When interrogation flung against ‘temptation‘ elucidation riposted describing the distinction between ‘slipping in’ and ‘standing up to’. 

 Temptation rages as like a TEMPesTAcTION causing a catastrophe within and out. But, to slip in its rage is not a grave sin,  just a  vulnerability of a mortal body. 

 The focal point is to get up and stand up to this whirlwind. For, tempest-reaction should be the attitude against this tempestaction.  

The way up to there

I am a high priest offering my sacrifice on the altar of supreme truths. Then, am I not the sage of sages who’s diligently waiting for that blissful moment of nirvana? Yes, exactly. That’s also me. Besides everything, I am the saint at the mountaintop waiting at the vantage point for a vintage.

Pondering over the panoramic view of the absolute notions I happened to notice the ants formed colonies, down the earth, where predatory individuals live in small natural cavities.  I can authoritatively say, what they are striving for is truly meaningless. Those poor creatures, with the mundane tiresome meaningless deeds, are in reality destined to orbit around normality pursuing the traits of ordinariness. So miserable it is!


                                                                                                  (Image’s taken from Google)

Meanwhile, I stood at the pinnacle of my greatness with a rock hard attitude awaiting a long cherished dream – nirvana… Unwavering was my mind, balanced was my body. Thus, everything was well established in order to welcome that bliss. In the meantime, seasons passed by and days & nights went by, but, my desire remained fresh. At an unknown moment my closed eyes were disturbed by an intense radiance. Abruptly, I opened my eyes anticipating this is the moment that I was waiting for and i simply became arrested in that breathtaking panorama out there. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the enlightenment instead that was yet another daybreak. Disturbed and vulnerable became me. Immediately, I was collapsed and flung down to the earth.

I am just one among that crowd who are destined to accomplish one’s own karma. For, that’s the supreme truth and that’s the way up to there… Who’s that high priest? Where’s that sage? And what’s a mountaintop saint?



A small step in the giant leap for changing the present scenario of Humanity.We all are aware of the recent case of Delhi ,which has shaken the faith and trust of people in the security of women in India. Since ages, there have been several issues against females , even in form of foetus or till the end of her life .

“Voices For Damini ” is an initiative taken by Subhabrata Dasgupta ,a simple 22year old person, who got shook by this incident like others and decided to raise a voice to make people aware of the barbarous acts going on around them to prevent such cannibalistic behavior furthermore.He is  supported now by many bloggers and friends who believe that this irrational,radical behaviour of people in our society should change and time has come for the citizens…

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Joy Of Oneness

Image(Taken from Google Images)

And thus God advised them:

Heart, chant always the just. Share always the lovely”

 “Body, listen to your heart and act accordingly.”
“For, you are not two, you are one; you are not man and woman, but you are body and heart. Live in the joy of oneness. “