Holy sin of my heart

He might passionately have longed for falling, but He couldn’t. He is too godly to be manly. The very urge of His to fall is life-breathed by the creation of man. The very urge to fall thus became the very heart of that creation. Then He blessed this heart with love to make sure the fall to be more intense.


My heart becomes a fallen angel and my body a pandemonium.  Ah! Love – the Holy Sin of my heart.


                     Photo credits to Despina


… for, we are one in nature’ s lap.

When the first raindrops kissed her lips I could feel the tickling heart of her’s in the petrichor – the intoxicating scent of her body.

Whenever the love between earth and sky is raining down I will always be there to be a part of it. For I could realise:
Love is a rain in my heart and I couldn’t resist drenching in it.


Love in white

They were playing a drama right in front of my sight and I couldn’t resist except being a spectator of it. The so-called lovers in it exchanged red roses and symbolically the red hearts as well.

Image(Google Image )

Somehow, it was quite boring. I stood up and shouted without knowing what I was yelling:

“Hey, hell with your red roses and hearts. I would love to see LOVE IN WHITE than it’s in red. Any hope?”

“Who’s that numbskull?”   Happy that I got an immediate response from the audiance. 😉

I am you


                                                              (Google Image)

Fallen in love with a shadow.
In the darkest of the darkest moment it shouted:
“Open your eyes. I am not real”
“Oh! Then what’s real?”
“You are love and you love
“Being unreal, how can you identify the real then?”
“It’s all about realisation than reality and unreality
“Who are you?”

I am you

Holy is this love

In the ambiance of an empty church the Holy Water Font stood indifferently akin to a tedious life outside.  Shouldering heaviness of a Sacred Sunday not a single hypocrite didn’t approach Holy Water yet and so it slipped into a slumbering deliberately forgetting its real being.  It was so tired of waiting a true one.  Further, the very wish itself made it weak and an infinite longing as well.


                                                                                                          (Image credit: Google Images)

 While dismal loneliness and shallow moments linger on, a thirsty crow abruptly approached the Holy Water Font.

 Without any hesitation, it trespassed on its holiness, passionately it plunged its lips into Holy Water.  Holy Water was suddenly awaken not to express its wonder or overjoy, but for a total submission, submitting itSELF. For, a divine catalyst has been happened.

 Distinct from the melodramas and egoistic double dealers outside; it shared its holiness to quench that crow’s thirst without hiding its holiness. Holy is this love by submitting itSELF.

The amalgamation was immaculate and holy.  

 The holy crow flew away and the water font left empty being taken away its holiness…