Every blossom…

To my Love

“Why you conceal your heart in a prayer?”

I asked a stubborn rosebud.

“To protect it from trampling in love.”

She replied.

“Then where’s the beauty of becoming
And the passion of being?”

In an answerless stillness,

The breeze stroked her cheeks.

And to fill the moment she asked:

“What! Why you staring at me?”

“Hmm…Maybe adoring you being.”

In shyness, in a sweet tender voice

She asked again:

“What’s that you want from me?

What you wish for?”

“May you open your heart in love

And spread your fragrance in joy.

Wish I could embrace every petal of your heart

And kiss every lips of your body.”

She blushed and there she blossomed.
Every blossom, isn’t it a wish come true?

Featured image
Photo Credits to Despina Karvounis