Into An Inn; An Unknown Inn

His detachment to life started from the very act of detaching the umbilical cord from his body. In fact, it’s a realization that detachment was his attachment.

He called himself an eccentric waif.

Image Blood relations couldn’t relate anything to his heart, pompous relations and its so called unconditional-ity didn’t share him a soul with, society N its codes failed to decode his mind and religion & its fool’s paradise could never stop him.  

 With an unsettled mind he journeyed like a nomad. It seems he was part of a never ending agitation against life. A gentle wind, an enthralling scene, an enchanting season…nothing touched him, for indifferent was his heart and restless was his mind.  

Meanwhile, in a night, he was unexpectedly struck by a dark fantasy which forced him to stop by an unknown roadside inn. I would say, divinely was that moment when for the first time he felt cozy and welcoming with a stellar care by an unknown inn.  For, it hosted him with an indifferent heart.

Journeying further, an abrupt revelation shattered his mind, “why not even a single traveler feels attached to an inn in between their long journey?” whereas he felt it for the very first time. Everyone approached it showing a loving heart and went out showing an indifferent heart. But, it kept an unflinching “indifferent heart” without any complaint ever.

 For the first time, he felt melancholy and therefore walked back…  Headed to… 




Happened to meet and converse with some girls (Software Engineers) – the typical IT Zombies – in between a long trip.

One of the girls asked me between our chat: “So, what are you upto?” I welcomed the question with a smile and answered: “I am a true consumer of love and so in search of a true brand. What you think?” 

“Ha ha …Common dude, wake up! It’s a digital world; don’t ask a medieval product here.”

“Oh, really? Then what do you think perfect?” I asked.

“It’s not a matter of perfect N imperfect dude. Instead, it’s merely a mutually beneficial business. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t be an ancient here.”

 WTF!! That made me really irritated. But, I made myself silent since it’s useless N meaningless to convince those ignorant broilers. They are just the personifications of ignorance. 

A World of $hitheads


“When Israelis in the occupied territories now claim that they have to defend themselves, they are defending themselves in the sense that any military occupier has to defend itself against the population they are crushing… You can’t defend yourself when you’re militarily occupying someone else’s land. That’s not defense. Call it what you like, it’s not defense.” Noam Chomsky

Israel’sright to defend” helped the Palestinian death toll climb 112+, roughly half of them civilians, including children. (Besides, Israel’s self defense has been well depicted in the image that’s uploaded with this blog.) Extremely sorry I didn’t know the meaning of the word “defend” is “to attack”. Sorry, I don’t have an Obama Dictionary. Instead, I keep an Oxford Dictionary.                  😀

Hamas Military commander Ahmed Al Jabari was killed in Israeli airstrike last Wednesday which really provoked Gaza to backfire. But, in return, Israel’s super destructive missiles and explosives sowed a mass destruction in Gaza – the poorest and most densely place in the world.             😦 

My wonder is that how Israel’s missiles could obtain a miraculous skill to specially identify and kill the chief leaders of Hamas alone like the assassination of Sheik Ahmed Yassin and Dr. Abdel Azzis al Rantissi. Hallelujah!! It’s a gift of God; Oops, gift of Bigbrothers maybe.                         😛 

On the other side of the scene, Orwell’s Bigbrothers are being reincarnated again and again.  Oh no! It seems as if US, UK and EU that give approval for this Gaza – Israel conflict. Meanwhile, it’s really unfortunate that UN rented out even the veto power. Pathetic.        😦 

All these satirical political policies are nothing but the Mucking Fockeries. No, according to this particular situation it’s like shisturbating                   :O  

In this world of $hitheads, (oh, sorry. In this world of peace lovers) only one message is relevant: “Cry for yourself and for your children”.  

Did Anybody See Man???

I was informed, “these are humans and you are one among them”. Very well.   🙂 

But, being in this being, I could never identify who’s this so-called human being.

Whatever they taught me and whatever I learned told in unison: “this is not him”. Then, who is he and where is he? By the way, who am I and what authority do I have to ask all these? Hmm…Clueless.      😦       😦 

 What I meet here is merely some outfits; outfits of love, hate, passion, ignorance, knowledge and a whole lot of uncountable concepts. Perhaps, these are not real whereas they are just shades of those concepts. The search to find out the absolute one goes on.

The outcry of that wise philosopher reverberates “Did anybody see man?” 


Image – Gene Salerno

Was searching for the meaning. But, got 100 Rupees change instead!!

Boredom, loneliness, laziness, emptiness and irresponsibility: the perfect Mocktail for a bachelor to have on Sundays 😉 🙂 Don’t know when the Mocktail gets transformed into Cocktail 😉 🙂

 They said, “It’s weekend man, the time to breath out”. Keeping that in mind, I took a special care to breathe out while I 

Imagewas performing my morning ablution. Anyhow, without any difference my weekends always end up like weakends.   

I was just wandering around to find out a lost soul to entertain it with my warm company. I first approached the park, but the park told me, “you idiot, can’t you see this locked gate with a “don’t disturb” sign?” “Oh sorry, catch you later.” I just replied.

 I was about to grab my phone from the pocket, but decided against and went on with my walking. Reaching the high way, I could see the deserted bus station without any company. I felt like it cordially invites me. I solemnly received it. For the first time, I am seeing it without any company, because it was usually blessed with a lot of people with it and in it.


I sat on the banks of a flowing river where I could witness the constant flux of vehicles with people in it. Meanwhile, many passers –by sent an odd look at me with a strange smile thinking who’s this extraterrestrial guy sitting with a book and pen? Some cyclers also conveyed the same. I smiled at them.

 Being there for almost an hour – I guess so – a beggar has approached me saying, “You have a message from this bus station?”

 “What? Pardon me” I replied.

 “Usually, people will sit here with a destination in mind or to achieve a milestone after accomplishing the previous. I guess you don’t have one in your mind since I had been with you for an hour. It seems that you don’t have a single destination in mind”

 I smiled at him and he did the same stretching his hand forward for money. Then I was completely lost in laughing seeing that spontaneous action. I told him, I don’t have any change and showed the 100 Rupee note. “Not an issue son, I shall give you the change. After all, a precious message always comes with a cost.”

 He took 10 bucks and gave me 90 bucks back. I smiled again and jumped into the flowing river. Don’t forget that I was on the banks of a river.

For those who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow

“Make sure that no one who fights for this country ever has to fight for a job or a roof over their head when they come home.” Obama

Honourable esteemed N scorned Indian politicians… did u hear that??    :O     😀 

Well, we’ve a majestic and praiseworthy tradition of committing grand corruption even in the coffin boxes that bought for the Kargil Martyrs.   

  It was reported that aluminum caskets that were available for US $172 in Somalia were bought for more than 20 times of this value.    Thus in 2001, we achieved yet another shameful title “Kargil Coffin Scam”    😀     😦 

Those who raped the honour of our Indian martyrs are not merely rapists. They are the nastiest brutish creatures from the rotten bottom of the hell. 

Well, u ugly creatures it’s better to kill those soldiers Shoot at sight as like stray dogs, Stone to death like whores, or make them run a nude marathon than to commit such a shameful dishonourable scam   😦    😦     😦      u nucking futs   :O  

(Dedicating this post to my friend & colleague Ramachandran who pointed out this point)


Newspapers, the real comic strips, a perfect way to kick-start your day

It’s a big day for Indian Media especially for newspapers. Together they released a clutter breaking ad campaign.

Product Name: Barack Hussein Obama 

Creative Agency: Indian Newspapers


Because, such was the importance Indian media gave for Obama’s victory.  WHY? N FOR WHAT?

In our Ad Agency we’ve got 20+ newspapers daily in 2 languages: English and Malayalam (Regional Language). Amidst all these none took a different stance, everyone unconditionally celebrated Obama’s victory. Front page, back page, editorial, International & National News pages and above & beyond supplements too. Oh pathetic!  😦  😦 

Wonder, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee might have stunned at this celebration lamenting: “Oh no! I didn’t even get a half page of space to celebrate my victory”   😀 

It simply projects the impotency of Indian media, not about the US omniscience.

 Aadhar & NPR mockeries, Petrol & diesel dramas, Gas & Kerosene ridicule, scam & corruption plunders, rape & rob injustices… you, the reckless team of medias you have got enough & more boiling stuff to deal with in India itself. Then why?? Is this your so-called media ethics N journalistic ethics huh??   :O 

Please don’t say, closing your eyes, it is Japan Black dark all around. 😀 😀

Besides, please don’t turn these newspapers into a toilet tissue paper or a meaningless comic story and always take a special care not to be such an invertebrate impotent.

 Let your pen sow a super storm Sandy and words a reconstructive revolution.  🙂  🙂 

(Dedicated to my friend & colleague Raju. Ramachandran who inspired me to write this one)

It s A sky F-A-L-L

Hail to those so-called film critiques for giving an approval rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Oh! what a genre of geniuses they are!!

 Know it’s entirely different from my blog topic, but I couldn’t refrain from writing this. 

Apart from the beautiful starting sequences, brilliant opening credits, and an excellent performance of Javier Bardem, I don’t think there are much to make it an incredible piece amidst the other bond films. It has somehow come down to the level of a revenge story different from the normal bond stuff. Image 

Well, I am not going in detail. Maybe, it’s a subjective version of review. So, you yourselves watch it N review it. 

By the way, I don’t understand why IMDB site shows all the negative reviews with the caution of spam? 

Suffer, therefore I am


A sharp killing pain aches my head,

   Growing voidness of tormenting loneliness crushes my heart,

Absurdness of being and never-mended anguish suffocate my mind,

Tiresome never-ending exodus,

And fearsome lifeless illusory worries of life

Compose my senses indifferent.

At the summit of all these celebrations,

Brain-the Bethlehem and Golgotha of my thoughts-

Conducts the fireworks for the festival of my agony.

 I am consecrated with an enlightenment that

I exist. Yes, I do.

I suffer, therefore I am

India is being gang-raped :(


I guess Lazarus is more blessed than the Indians, for he at least got morsels of food what fall from the rich man’s table. But, in the case of Indians, they are hopeless; the voracious eaters won’t show any mercy throwing even a bit.

Alright, here comes yet another shocking report: “Different types of frauds may have caused Rs 6,600 crore loss to Indian economy in the last fiscal and banks were the most common victim in…”  ha ha really interesting!!

The royal plunder moves on adding more prestigious titles to the list.

Indian coal mining controversy 2012  – 185,591.34 crore (US$35.08 billion)

Karnataka Wakf Board Land Scam 2012  – 200,000 crore (US$37.8 billion)

Uttar Pradesh NRHM scam  2012 – 10,000 crore (US$1.89 billion)

Hail democracy!!  😀

Well, well… I understand that there are still more to loot from India even after the ruthless plunder of the British. So sad that India is being gang-raped for centuries by both foreigners and its own people by all the possible ways politically, economically, socially, culturally hmm… the list goes on.

Together they – the Deteriorated politics & impotent politicians, rusted social set –ups & social scoundrels – celebrate the royal banquets wherein the down-trodden, brainless feeble moths are not invited. Instead, the gang of Lazarus’ can wade through the shits that flung unto the earth from the glass houses of those nucking futs  😦 😦