lost in blues

“May I share my blues with you?”

The sea never asked the sailor whenever he praised the sea, “wow, the deep blue sea is fascinating!” For the sea knows it is absurd.

“May I share my blues with you?”

The sky never asked the aviator whenever he glorified the beauty of the blue sky. For the sky knows it is ridiculous.


But, the sky and sea reflected each other.

Meanwhile, the clouds got lost in itself without knowing how to rain down? And the small tides just float without knowing how to swim against ….

Dear God, do you still manufacture those breed of angels like the one whom you did send for Tobit? If you do send me one.



Blessed are those who live like Children…

She (my niece) cried. Then her LKG teacher told “Shame… shame…Good girls won’t cry. Be strong. You see lord Krishna over there. He’s got a magical flute in his hands and a sweet tune on his lips. You want to listen that? Then do not cry.”

She stopped crying.

She cried. Then her mother shouted: “Don’t cry, you little….. Did u know that Lord Jesus resurrected in this year as well without any technical issues or any delay in it ? So, if you keep on crying, well, He will take u from me on His way back to His heavenly abode. Do you want that?”

More intense became the cry.


                                          (With her friend)
She told me later: “Uncle, I love Lord Krishna you know. For, he’s got a magical flute in his hands and a sweet tune on his lips. And, Jesus is a kidnapper I believe. I don’t want him.”

“Lol. Cry more then, Rose. Perhaps, you might get introduced to more Gods. Because in India itself we’ve got 320 million Gods you know.” I replied.