Who’s an illusion here?

Man yelled at God
God, you are just an illusion of mine.”

Will God reply him back saying:
Man, dear son, you are an illusion of mine.” 



Holy sin of my heart

He might passionately have longed for falling, but He couldn’t. He is too godly to be manly. The very urge of His to fall is life-breathed by the creation of man. The very urge to fall thus became the very heart of that creation. Then He blessed this heart with love to make sure the fall to be more intense.


My heart becomes a fallen angel and my body a pandemonium.  Ah! Love – the Holy Sin of my heart.


                     Photo credits to Despina

Happy Wishes of this day Dear little princess.

Once upon a time, there was
 There’s no beginning.

…for that queen, the kingdom and its subjects everything is this angelic little princess.
She didn’t listen to any Victory March, but tinkles and clanks of that princess’s mellifluous voice.
She didn’t know day and night, but she saw her little princess resting and rising up. 
She didn’t see the sunshine, but she saw that princess’s radiant smiling face.
She never waited for a spring, but she forever longed for her princess’s ever-renewing loving kisses.
No prayers and no blessings contented her hearts, but her heart gracefully danced whenever her little princess told, “I love you.”

They have a fabulous nest not in the branches of this world but in an enchanting land of fairies where they grew inseparably one…

and lived happily ever after.
There’s no ending. 


Happy Birthday Vanessa. 



Abel, he must be the first real lover

Answering an unasked question. Maybe a realisation. whatever. Thanks to Dearestest Sparrow.

Genesis:  “…And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock.”

*Giving the best.

Song of songs:  “As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.”  “As the apple tree among the trees of the wood so is my beloved among the sons. “

*Expressing the most.

There’s no God, no religion and neither any sacrament, but sacrifice of love. At this alter no other offering is acceptable except giving the best.


lost in blues

“May I share my blues with you?”

The sea never asked the sailor whenever he praised the sea, “wow, the deep blue sea is fascinating!” For the sea knows it is absurd.

“May I share my blues with you?”

The sky never asked the aviator whenever he glorified the beauty of the blue sky. For the sky knows it is ridiculous.


But, the sky and sea reflected each other.

Meanwhile, the clouds got lost in itself without knowing how to rain down? And the small tides just float without knowing how to swim against ….

Dear God, do you still manufacture those breed of angels like the one whom you did send for Tobit? If you do send me one.


It is you…

-To my dearest-est Friend on her Birthday-

I know

An oeuvre of a divine author
And an artisan of ingenious opuses

I know

 A resolute sky, unwilling to pour down…
And a reviving spring, reluctant to fall back…


I listen to

A melodious solo of a moonlit night…
And a zephyr of captivating nature.

Yet, it’s not this, it’s not that…
It’s just beyond the scope of attributes.
Isn’t it that you??
Yea, it is you.
For, each creation is creator itself
And He the Creator is simply beyond the scope of attributes.


                                        (Thanks to Loyed for the click)

Hey Despina, Reign your life and bring forth prosperity to its populace. .. May life return you always (it’s not always possible, though 😛 ) happiness.

Be liberal in sharing your love, let it surpass eons. 😉 and thus your life as well.

Blessings of the day!!