We are…

To my Everything

The illusion of the day to hide a secret.

The illusion of the night to disclose a secret.

Do you know what is this secret?
We are
The stars whispered in an irresistible impulse.
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Photo Credits to Despina Karvounis

When I met a lonely star up in the sky

Both are stars;
One is up in the sky,
And the other down on the earth.

The one from the above saw the crowded earth
That’s with multitudes on it.
And the other saw the starry night
That’s with starry sky in it.


                   (Google Image – Painting by Vincent Van Gogh)

But, the star from the earth didn’t see
The immense distance between each star.
Neither did the star from the above notice
The wide chasm between each person.

In its place, one sees the starry night,
And the other sees the crowded earth.
In fact, both forsake a reality.
A reality which tells:

“In essence, you both look the same.
For, how lonely are you both.”
Though you own the modifiers:
Starry” and “crowded”.